End of Life Counselling and Last Rites Services

A very important part of Divine Intercession’s work involves dealing with preparation for the end of life as well as the grief someone may experience when a loved one passes away.

Often, for whatever reason, the end of life forces us to confront matters that we have been unable or unwilling to attend to. Long term problems, unresolved issues, regrets, unforgiveness, secrets and other “baggage” can suddenly demand our attention as death approaches. 

It’s vital to understand that it is far more preferable to attend to these matters of the spirit before death so that the spirit can take leave of the body in peace.

End of Life Counselling is available to both the dying and their loved ones so that the soul can make peace and so that, if there are any Spiritual Afflictions, they can be dealt with while there is still time. 

Last Rites are normally understood as a final blessing before death, but in a broader sense it can also be a last chance for the soul to achieve reconciliation and spiritual healing. The moments before death can then become an opportunity for the profound healing of the spirit, of relationships and for transcendence in every sense of the word.

Counselling at the end of life has, as its primary goal, that you reach the light of Divine Love, that you “pass into the light” of Divine love without holding on to earthly baggage. It is well thought of that our purpose on this earth is to learn lessons that cannot be learnt in the afterlife which in turn allows for our spirit to mature and therefore be elevated in the spirit world after we die.

Receiving last rites or end of life counselling is crucial to ensure that no negativity carries over with you, crossing over with negativity such as unforgiveness can have significant consequences for our spirit and soul.

It is therefore highly recommended that all matters concerning negative energy, emotions or transgressions be dealt with whilst here on earth and before crossing over so that your soul can be blessed.  

If you or a loved one are ending your life’s journey and would like some assistance with end of life counselling or would like to receive a last rites blessing, we invite you to contact us and we will gladly assist you.

We also help families go through the grieving process that may result from a loved one’s death.

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