Our deliverance services or exorcism services are based in Melbourne, Australia is free of cost or obligation, to anyone, Australia-wide and worldwide through divine intercession.

When seeking Spiritual Coaching services in Melbourne, Australia, people don’t always know where to turn. Traditional scripture and approaches have their place but don’t always fit all the needs of people living in the modern world. Although highly encouraged, it is not always possible to attend church in person in this day and age to receive God’s blessing. But you don’t have to worry because Divine Intercession (exorcism & deliverance counselling Service provider in Melbourne) understands that God is everywhere and you can receive God’s blessings anytime wherever you may be.

If you are experiencing anything that could be supernatural in origin, we understand what you are going through and we are here to help you while maintaining the strictest confidentiality. We want you to know that many people experience paranormal events or things that aren’t easily explained. We don’t assume that you’re going mad because we know that these experiences can be real. We understand the reality of spiritual warfare and the need for sound counselling and deliverance or exorcism services in Melbourne, Australia, and beyond.

Everyone is welcome here

In order to receive the benefits of Divine Intercession you do not have to be a member of a religious congregation, nor are you required to commit to a regular, ongoing program of spiritual education. Divine Intercession offers online spirituality so that you can develop your spiritual life, in the comfort of your home, while remaining under the protection and grace of God.

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Deliverance and Exorcism Service Australia Wide

In many cases, those that are spiritually afflicted may look like they’re suffering from mental health issues. However, some of those are genuine cases that require the intervention of an experienced exorcist pastor or priest.

Many people who are going through a genuine case of Spiritual Affliction may still experience things associated with mental health issues like intrusive thoughts, believing they have mediumship abilities, bizarre feelings including irrational fears or panic attacks. They may also see or hear material manifestations or have an intuition that something of a spiritual nature is operating against them in their life.

If you’re experiencing any of these or anything bizarre that cannot be medically or conventionally explained, this does not always mean that you’re “losing it” or “going nuts”. You might just need urgent spiritual intervention through Divine Intercession.

Extreme cases of disturbances require interventions that are more commonly understood as exorcism services, which we prefer to refer to as “deliverance services or Intervention.” If any of this is happening to you, we remind you that we are here to help you navigate your way through this largely unknown and uncharted territory. Again, it doesn’t matter who you are or what religious or spiritual background you come from; we are here for you. We’re always happy to provide deliverance or exorcism services in Melbourne, Australia, and beyond.

Other Services

Divine Intercession - Divine Healing
Divine Healing

Divine Intercession focuses on a holistic approach to the problems associated with Spiritual Affliction. Divine Healing is used in conjunction with other resources and is key to the process of restoration of the whole person and lives. Divine Healing can also help people deal with emotional and psychological trauma.

Divine Intercession Spiritual Guidance
Seeking Spiritual Guidance

Just as people look after their bodies including following a regular exercise program and eating healthy food, leading a spiritual life is also vital. Whatever background you may be coming from, we have spiritual coaches who can help you in this area and answer all your spiritual life coaching questions.

Divine Intercession - Home Blessings
Home Blessings

Home blessings are instrumental in bringing blessings and welcoming positive energy into your house or business establishment. It also clears your space of the demonic and negative energy.

Divine Intercession - Last Rites
Last Rites

Receiving last rites or end of life counselling is crucial to ensure that no negativity carries over with you into the next life, crossing over with negativity such as unforgiveness can have significant consequences for our spirit and soul.

Divine Intercession can help, wherever you are

Despite Divine Intercession operating an exorcism service in Melbourne and deliverance services Australia-wide, we can help you no matter what part of the country you are in or what part of the world you are from.


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