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Divine Intercession focuses on a holistic approach to the problems associated with Spiritual Affliction. Other people who want to experience a spiritual breakthrough can also benefit from this service.

Most people come to us initially because they are having experiences that are highly disturbing and disruptive as a result of actions caused by negative energies and entities. However, even when these entities are expelled or removed there is usually some form of residual damage. This damage requires repair, so we call upon Higher Power to intercede through Divine Healing in order to prevent reinfection.

We believe that healing is an often-overlooked part of the whole treatment process for Spiritual Affliction, but it is vitally important. Divine Healing is used in conjunction with other resources and is key to the process of restoration of the whole person and their lives.

This service can also be administered separately to treat trauma and give insight to unknown matters that a person may be suffering from but cannot identify the root cause of. It can also be used in conjunction with a mental health care professional such as a counsellor or psychologist to treat psychological and emotional traumas.

Divine Healing Services in Australia are available for you, but no matter where you live, we can help, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Divine Healing is for Everyone

It is thought or understood that we are born into this earth so that we can learn a lesson at a faster rate than we could in the spiritual world and so that our spirits may grow and transcend higher in the spiritual world in order to get closer to The Light, or God‘s love. 

When we suffer a trauma, may it be physical or emotional, our spiritual development can stop and we get caught in a traumatic feedback loop, where trauma creates suffering that creates more trauma and so on and so forth.

If we do not address these issues, we do not get the full extent or benefits of the lessons and purposes in which we have come to this earth to learn and we risk having to return to the issues over and over in order to learn these lessons again.

Divine Healing helps us clear blockages, to heal ourselves and to open our spiritual pathway again so that we can get back on track and complete our life mission.

People who have suffered near death experiences or who have encountered life-threatening situations or who have lost a loved one and are carrying grief, can sometimes get stuck in their trauma and need Divine Assistance to move on.

Sometimes we’re stuck in a recurring question such as “Am I safe?” or in a feeling about not being safe. Sometimes there is a question about where a deceased loved one has gone or why they died suddenly. And there are other questions like why a partner left us abruptly or why we have undergone a severe physical trauma. In all these cases The Holy spirit can come through, can shine light on the situation for us, bring resolution to our problem and heal our hearts and minds so we may continue on with our spiritual journey and grow our spirits accordingly.

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Please note that all of our pastoral services are provided with the strictest confidentiality, completely free and without obligation as part of our pastoral mission.

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