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Exorcism Priest - Deliverance Services in Australia
If you are experiencing some form of Spiritual Affliction then treatment usually requires specialized knowledge and techniques in some form of Intervention with a view to achieving Deliverance. Deliverance Services in Australia can come in many ways, including Interventions from experienced healers and lightworkers and exorcist priests in Sydney and Melbourne..

As an exorcist priest Christian minister ordained by the Assemblies of God Church, Joseph Wisdom Sesay treats the phenomenon of Spiritual Affliction with Christian Deliverance or Christian-Based Deliverance methods.

This is not to imply that only Catholics, Protestants or other Christians can be spiritually afflicted, nor does it mean that only Christians can be helped. 

It simply means that Joseph Wisdom Sesay and his team of experienced practitioners draw their spiritual authority from their connection to the power of the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ in the Christian tradition, just as other Deliverance ministers and exorcist priests in Sydney and Melbourne do and just Catholic priests do when they conduct an exorcism.

The issue of Spiritual Authority is crucial.

In order to be effective,  exorcist priests and practitioners must draw their Spiritual Authority from somewhere that is meaningful to them, based on their own relationship to a Higher Power. Other experienced and effective practitioners of Deliverance and Exorcism interventions will draw their authority from other religious and cultural traditions and understandings. 

The issue of Spiritual is also crucial.

The Spiritually Afflicted are always to one extent or another in some state of spiritual weakness. The affliction has weakened or damaged their conscious connection to Higher Power or Spiritual Source. Sometimes, the spirit has become weakened to the extent that in serious cases, they are no longer able to help themselves and must come to see a deliverance minister or exorcist priest near them or pastor in order to get relief.

For Intercessors or exorcist priests to be effective, they must have a strong Spiritual Connection, grounded in Unconditional, Unbreakable and Unassailable Faith in Higher Power and focused on a Spiritual Light to guide the Afflicted out of the darkness in which they have found themselves.

Exorcism Priest - Spiritual Authority

However, the fact that we offer Christian Deliverance or Christian-Based Deliverance should in no way deter you from seeking help from us if you suspect that you or someone you care about is experiencing some form of Spiritual Crisis or Spiritual Affliction. It doesn’t matter to us where you come from or how you worship or even if you worship at all. We have helped thousands of people from all sorts of backgrounds. 

What matters to us is that our experience is what we can use to help you, if you choose to come to us.

Background on Exorcism and Spiritual Affliction

Each year around the world, thousands of exorcisms are carried out behind closed doors of the Catholic Church and other religious denominations alike.

In fact, the practice of exorcism is on the rise and new trainees are being recruited more than ever to handle the influx and rise in cases concerning those that are experiencing spiritual affliction. 

Exorcism Priest

Some sources of spiritual affliction

Exorcism Priest - Helps to Overcome from Spiritual Affliction

There are a number of causes of spiritual affliction. Perhaps you are experiencing these things as a result of being the victim of or of practicing some of the following:

  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Trauma, including physical and emotional abuse
  • Using Ouija board or other mediumship tools allowing unseen doors to be opened
  • Entering into demonic contracts either consciously or unconsciously
  • Indulging in occult practices such as prayers to the Devil, animal sacrifices, witchcraft, blood contracts or things of a similar nature
  • Holding onto resentment or unforgiveness or lacking the will to forgive others for their transgressions
  • Placing curses on others or being the victim of a curse including being the victim of a family curse that has carried through your bloodline from your ancestors

Again, these are just some examples to name a few. Whatever the cause or your situation might be, Divine Intercession wants you to know that you are not alone. We have intercessors and knowledgeable exorcist priests near you or can minister to you online.

Effects of spiritual affliction

The consequences of spiritual affliction as a result of the aforementioned include, but are not limited to:

  • Addictions
  • Self-harm or wanting to harm others
  • Unhealthy obsessions including obsessions with the Occult
  • Confusion
  • Incessant fear
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)/Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD
  • Distancing yourself from God or loved ones
  • Feelings of being condemned or believing the Devil is stronger than God
  • Independent suicidal thoughts
  • Visions of being killed or being shown how you or a loved one will die
  • Randomly obtaining Clairvoyant or abilities in mediumship
  • Speaking unknown languages such as Latin in your mind or in your sleep
  • Having vivid nightmares
  • Having intimate sex in your dream
  • Demonic possession, such as involuntary actions occurring that you have no memory of happening
  • Third party involuntary thoughts such as being told to kill yourself or kill someone
  • Visual manifestations
  • Audible manifestations
  • Hauntings, including objects being manipulated or poltergeist activity
How to deal with Spiritual Affliction
Exorcism Priest - Results of Spiritual Affliction
Accordingly, some manifestations are more difficult to dismiss as “just being in your head”. For further information, go to How Do I Know If I Am Dealing with a Case of Spiritual Affliction?
More severe cases of spiritual affliction may lead to more dramatic manifestations.

Note of Reassurance

Exorcism Priest - Note of Reassurance

Please know that deliverance as conducted by Divine Intercession bears no resemblance to the hyped-up, Hollywood depictions of exorcisms. You will not be tied to a chair or physically restrained in any way and you are free to stop the process at any point because you will always be in full control. However, Many people find that during the process they might start coughing, dry retching, sneezing, laughing or "speaking in tongues" or in foreign languages. These signs are all normal and are a part of the process of Deliverance and the Cleansing of the Spirit.

A Note About Mental Health

Many of the “symptoms” of Spiritual Affliction are similar to those of mental illness and it can’t be discounted that Spiritual Affliction can occur at the same time as mental illness. This makes the situation of “diagnosis” complicated and confusing. 

However, in our experience, we have found that where there is a persistent problem that has resisted conventional psychological or psychiatric treatment many have found that after Deliverance they have some relief from symptoms such as feelings of insecurity, vulnerability and perhaps obsessive compulsive disorder and unresolved psychological issues including persistent grief, depression and PTSD.

Unlike the Rite of Exorcism, which that only deals with the Spiritual Affliction, Deliverance includes Divine Healing as an essential component.

Unlike the Rite of Exorcism, which that only deals with the Spiritual Affliction, Deliverance includes Divine Healing as an essential component.

Deliverance recognises that negative energy and Demonic Entities can continue to attack the vulnerable  much like a parasite or infection invades through a wound that does not get healed. Yes, you can clean the wound, but unless you close the wound off reinfection is always a possibility and is even likely.

To give just one example. You might be a person who has been subjected to a violent upbringing and this could attract negative energy and Spiritual Affliction by Demonic Entities. You might suffer psychologically from this. You could then undergo Deliverance to remove the Entities and thus receive some relief. 

Exorcism Priest - A Note about Mental Heallth

However, only subsequent Divine Healing of the psychological trauma can stop reinfection or offer some chance of permanent relief, which can then be supported by further psychological or psychiatric intervention if a mental health professional deems this to be appropriate.

A Special Form of Mediumship

Exorcism Priest - A Special Form of Membership

Some Catholics and other Christians have been educated not to seek mediumship, but Deliverance can be seen as a special form of mediumship, in which we are invoking the Power of the Holy Spirit, the highest spiritual authority there is. 

There is considerable evidence that Jesus himself was also a medium who healed the sick and delivered them from negative energy and the afflictions caused by Demonic Entities. The traditions that Jesus established have continued throughout the centuries and are still alive and well today.

If you’re looking to learn more about this or simply want to speak with an exorcist priest near you, contact us today. You may also get in touch with us to learn more about our deliverance services in Australia.

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Please note that all of our pastoral services are provided with the strictest confidentiality, completely free and without obligation as part of our pastoral mission.

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