Divine Intercession

Divine Intercession is headed by Joseph Wisdom Sesay, an ordained Minister in the Assemblies of God Church and a demonologist
. He and the whole Divine Intercession team are specialists in dealing with cases of Spiritual Affliction and in helping those who are seeking spirituality through spiritual awareness coaching. We also offer exorcism and deliverance counselling and exorcism prayer of deliverance for those who are planning to undergo the deliverance process.

It’s important to understand every aspect of what you are going through. We provide a number of spiritual services, including teaching and education for those Seeking Spirituality and Spiritual Awareness Coaching. We also give assistance in the form of Home Blessings, Last Rites Counselling, Spiritual Marriage Counselling,Divine Healing, Christian-based Interventions for Spiritual Affliction and Deliverance Services which you might be more familiar with as "Exorcism".




Joseph Wisdom Sesay


Joseph Wisdom Sesay is an ordained minister and a man of God.

Many people who draw their authority during an exorcism or deliverance do so by allowing God to use them as a vessel.

Much like spiritual mediums who channel messages from loved ones, Joseph has a unique connection to draw the truth and knowledge from the Holy Spirit – the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of God – who guides him accordingly through the Deliverance Process and other spiritual matters concerning the Spiritually Afflicted, not only during the Affliction, but in other parts of their lives.

Like many people who have been called into this work, he has a strong spiritual connection to the Holy Spirit. After he discovered that he had a unique gift to help others cleanse themselves of negative energy, Joseph studied  under an

experienced exorcist and Deliverance Minister, gaining considerable experience working in a number of different parishes conducting Exorcism and Deliverance Counselling. He later studied at the Vision International Seminary, in Liberia in West Africa, graduating in 2010. 

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