Our Policy



Divine Intercession exists to provide spiritual growth and guidance based on Christian beliefs and practices for the purpose of spiritual wellbeing.

Nothing offered by Divine Intercession or correspondence by anyone, or entity involved with Divine Intercession should be considered or regarded as counseling, therapy, legal, or other professional advice. A client who needs or requires such services must seek them on their own independently.

 Divine Intercession does not claim to heal, cure, or otherwise ameliorate any health condition. It is my responsibility to independently seek appropriate professional advice and/or treatment in every and all instances.

 Divine Intercession does not represent, guarantee, or warrant that I will have spiritual wellbeing at the completion of my session(s)

 No publication, announcement, advertisement, testimonial, explanation, or feedback constitute representations, guarantees, warranties, assurances or predictions regarding my session(s) with Divine Intercession.

To the extent permitted by law, Divine Intercession disclaims all liability and/or responsibility to any person, body, or entity with respect to loss, damage, or injury caused or alleged to have been caused directly or indirectly, including negligence, by the information or service Divine Intercession provides to me or any other person, body, or entity.

As such, I hereby release Divine Intercession (and any of its volunteers, associates, affiliates, agents, or representatives) from any liability for any decision I might make or not make because of my session(s) with Divine Intercession.

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