The Truth in Books and Films: Possession and Exorcism in Real Life

If you’re a fan of horror movies and books, you’ve probably encountered stories about exorcism or the process of driving away evil spirits and demons. It usually involves a spooky possessed person shouting with a growling voice, and an exorcist priest praying or sprinkling holy water. As interesting as this may seem, how much of what is shown in films and TV is real? Do they really happen in real life? How does one become  possessed? What happens during an exorcism or deliverance session?

The entertainment and news media have a lot to answer for some myths about “possession and exorcism.” Here at Divine Intercession, we call these as “spiritual affliction and deliverance.”

The perpetrator: demonic or negative entities

Possession or any form of spiritual affliction occurs when someone is adversely affected b y demonic or native entities, consciousnesses or energies. In fully understanding the nature of possession and exorcism, we must first have a look at what or “who” causes it -  demonic entities or the devil.

The devil is crafty and seeks to make you spiritually sick to destroy your relationship with the divine. They target spiritually unhealthy people, inflicting pain, confusion and more.

In movies and books, either the devil or long dead people possess a person for different reasons. Maybe they have unfinished business and are seeking revenge, or you’ve used their belongings. However, in reality, long dead people can’t harm us but the devil can. They are ultimately the perpetrators of spiritual afflictions or what you might be more familiar with as possession.

What happens when someone gets “possessed”

Contrary to what is seen in movies, possession does not always equate to shouting, rotating heads or shrunken eyes with dark circles all around. The truth is, there are two types of possession: perfect and partial possession.

Perfect possession is when a person has been completely taken over by the demon and is no longer in control of their body, mind, soul or spirit. This is when the demon is completely in control and the afflicted person is no longer strong enough to resist. It is like the body of the afflicted has become  a puppet to be used by the negative entity for its own purposes. This is what we typically see in movies and books.

Meanwhile, during a partial possession, the afflicted person still has the ability to come out of perfect possession intermittently depending on how strong or weak they are. 

What happens in real life exorcism service

The Spiritual Affliction “industry” is unregulated and there are no universally agreed international standards of what constitutes the circumstances for Intervention. There are no common protocols for treatment. As opposed to what’s seen in movies and books, there are no standard set of prayers to be recited during an exorcism service.

What matters most in a real life exorcism service is the guidance of the Holy Spirit along with a spiritually strong and credible minister or as you might call it, an exorcist priest. Each case of the afflicted is unique and requires considerable openness to improvisation, guided, as always, by The Holy Spirit. 

What about the ending

In movies and books, once the possessed person has been set free, they either continue their life or a creepy creature is seen in the background, haunting them. In reality, it is true that an afflicted person may be re-infected again if the wound is left open. This is why a continuous journey towards healing should be pursued. This involves strengthening one’s connection with the divine. 

If you or someone you care about is dealing with any form of spiritual affliction, contact us. We’re here to help.