The Significance of Last Rites and Counselling: Preparing for Someone’s Passing

End of life is a topic that most people try to avoid. Some are afraid, some aren’t ready, while some are just too occupied to care about it at the moment. But no matter how much we avoid talking about end of life, this is something inevitable. This is why at Divine Intercession, we consider last rites and counselling as very important work. Although the process will still be painful, it brings some level of preparation to the person who’s leaving and his or her loved ones.

1) Helps get rid of earthly baggage

All people sin and that’s a reality. Because of this, we all hurt someone and have been hurt by another. Some pains can feel impossible to forgive and we carry the baggage of unforgiveness through life. Receiving last rites or end of life counselling is important to ensure that no negativity carries over with you, crossing over with negativity such as unforgiveness can have significant consequences for our spirit and soul.

End of life counseling also helps us confront other matters that we have been unable or unwilling to attend to. These may include long term problems, unresolved issues, regrets, secrets and other “baggage.” 

2) Helps a person reach the Divine Light

During last rites or end of life counselling, a person is taught more about salvation. In fact, the service’s primary goal is that a person reaches the light of Divine Love. The ministers will help the person “pass into the light” of Divine love without holding on to the negativities. 

3) Helps reconcile with loved ones

Along with some teachings on forgiveness, a person also learns to put what he/she learned into action. This results in the closing of wounds, forgiveness for both parties, and for some, reconciliation.

4) Helps loved ones throughout the grieving process

End of life counselling is not only for someone who’s about to die but also their loved ones. At Divine Intercession, we help individuals and families go through the grieving process that may result from a loved one’s death.


While the process is painful, you don’t have to go through it alone. Choose to help your loved one be free and reach Divine Love without any baggage. A last rites service or counselling will help with that.

If you or someone you care about is dealing with grief or end of life, contact us. We’re here to help.