The Devil is Alive : The Real face of Demons

What is the face of a demon? Does he look like a scary monster in Insidious? Or charming and naughty like the way he was portrayed in Lucifer the TV show? Let me rephrase that. We need to understand that the devil and demons are two different entities. There is only one devil (diablos), that is Satan, while there are many demons. Demons are dubbed as Satan's minions as they follow his bidding.


The term "daemones" or "daemonia" was given a sinister sense by the Greek writers. The word originated from "Daio" meaning divine beings representing spirits that come between God and humans. Demons were believed to cause diseases and other mishaps in ancient times. Amulets were prevalent in these times to thwart off evil spirits. This belief was supported when Christianity flourished as Jesus often gave examples of exorcism.

Facts About Demons
1. Demons are a group of fallen angels.

They are immortal spirits that torment people through possession or fear, provoking visions, tempting them to commit sins.  Their large number was supported in the book of Matthew 8:25-34. The word used was legion. Jesus encountered a demon-inflicted man while he was in the region of Gerasenes. The man lived in tombs and hills as he cut himself with stones at night. Jesus asked him, "who are you?" and he answered, "I am legion." They begged Christ to send them out to the herd of pigs nearby that rushed into the lake and drowned. This is just one of the many instances of Christ's power over demons.

2. Demons acknowledge Christ's power

In Matthew 8:29-31, we can see that the demons knew who Jesus is. They shouted, "what do you have to do with us, Son of God?" They knew his power that they begged him to possess the pigs as they left the man.

In Matthew 8:29-31, we can see that the demons knew who Jesus is. They shouted, "what do you have to do with us, Son of God?" They knew his power that they begged him to possess the pigs as they left the man.

3. Demons are not omniscient

The book of Job showed us that only God is omniscient. In this story, God had allowed Satan and his demons to wreak havoc on Job's life. Satan killed his children and covered him with boils, yet he remained loyal to God and prayed even when his wife and friend told him to curse God. God knew his disciples, he knew the depth of Job’s faith.

Testament of Solomon

Demons were mentioned in the testament of Solomon. Although this is considered a pseudepigraphical composite text to King Solomon, we can learn some about the demons' faces.

The story tells how Solomon received a ring from Archangel Michael, giving him the power to command demons. He used them to build the temple of God. It all started when Solomon ordered the demon named Ornias to capture Beelzebub who had succeeded in his task. Solomon then asked Beelzebub to name a female demon. It is from hereon forward where various dark entities were named.

1. Onoskelis – She is a beautiful woman with legs of a mule. She was a spirit that dwells on caves. She strangles men and corrupts them. She was instructed to spin ropes made from hemp.

2. Asmodeus – He is the demon cast out by angel Raphael by burning the liver and gall of a large catfish told in Tobit 6:2. He was dubbed as the worst. He murdered seven husbands of Sarah. He was commanded to mould clay into vessels.

3. Lix Tetrax – The wind demon. He divides men, creates whirlwinds and fires. He was instructed to throw stones up to the workers.

4. Scepter – His function is to deceive

Demonic Possession

In Luke 11:12-26, we can see that an impure spirit seeks a house to rest. The house represents us, humans. When we sin or when we are not abiding with the Holy Spirit, the demons take the opportunity to attack and inhabit us. It's only by the presence of the Holy Spirit that we can resist the power of the Enemy.

Demonic Possession and Science

Nowadays, we watch and hear about real-life demon possession and exorcism. Many are sceptical about this notion, as demonic possession is perceived as a sign of depression and mental illness.

An article published by PubMed analysing the link between demonic possession and depression states that each age and culture has developed their own cure. One way is through prayer and exorcism.

When Science Meets the Queen of Demon

Dr Richard Gallagher, an Ivy League-educated and board-certified psychiatrist and a well-known consultant on demonic possession, mentioned in an interview that "possession is rare but REAL."  He explained that meeting the queen of Satan pulled him into the world of demonic possession. He described the encounter with a middle-aged woman named  Julia. She told the priest that she was being attacked by a demon. Gallagher remembered flying objects around her. One instance was when he and the priest heard demonic voices they overheard from Julia's trances while talking on the phone. Note that she was not with them at the time.

Take Away

People reject the concept of spirituality because of the shackles that come with belonging to a religion. Science has also contributed to the lack of faith as it believes that if anything has no scientific basis, it does not exist. The Bible has shown us that the devil and demons exist and God has the power over them. We do not need to be afraid of these dark entities for we have God with us. God Exist. "Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. -Psalm 23:4. David uttered these words, for he had a strong faith in God.  He believed that the Lord is his shepherd, and he will guide him along the right path.

God will always protect his flock. We may not be able to see or understand his way, but all the things he permits to happen will lead us to enlightenment. All we need to do is to put our trust in him.

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