Testimonial : Spiritual Coaching

I was born in a Christian home and this made me believe I was a Christian. Yet, on a conscious level, I did not have a deeper spiritual nature. I was walking around in a vapor, without realizing that I am a spiritual being in a mortal frame having a human experience. I spent a significant period disconnected from the essence in life. As a child, I had some sense of connection with something greater.  As I sank in my spiritual unconsciousness, my sense of self-worth caused me to create the wrong types of relationships and form the wrong types of habits. The unconscious state of my life led me to depression, rejection, despair, helplessness, hopelessness, sadness, self-pity, withdrawal and suicidal thoughts. I got my healing when I was introduced to a spiritual awakening group led by Pastor Sesay. I signed up for the group and something dramatic happened during the process of intercession. I experienced been connected to a higher power that spiritually awakened something in me. As I testify, I am no longer a slave to fear. I now have the authority to command demonic spirits that I use to torment me. I am fully in charge of my destiny. I thank the Holy Spirit for giving me great favor and hope. 

Thanks to Divine Intercession