Our Vision, Mission and Mandate



Written by Joseph Wisdom Sesay as guided by the Holy Spirit.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all those who have contributed to the foundation and the ongoing work of Divine Intercession, and I would like to take this opportunity to explain my Vision for the Divine Intercession Mission based on the Mandate as revealed to me by The Holy Spirit.

When I was a child, and later as I grew greater in my comprehension, The Holy Spirit revealed to me in a series of visions and understandings that I was put on this earth to perform a service for humanity and especially for the Spiritually Afflicted.

The Holy Spirit revealed to me, and gave me a Mandate, that I was to bring Freedom, Restoration, and  Transformation through the Holy Spirit.

Freedom: When you know the truth of who you are you will be free from all disturbance. Freedom is freedom from oppression, especially Spiritual Oppression, but it is also freedom to fulfill your potential as a spiritual being. Freedom results from the holistic healing of the Soul, the Spiritual Connection between the Soul and Source of All That Is, and the material Body, through which the soul expresses itself in the material world. Such freedom is impossible while you are experiencing Spiritual Affliction, so the identification of Spiritual Affliction and intervening through Divine Intercession thus becomes a priority.
Restoration: No one experiences Spiritual Affliction without also experiencing damage to self, to relationships and to life. When you fall apart, your life falls apart with you, so restoration is about getting people back on their feet after a long time of Spiritual Affliction and giving people control over their lives again.
Transformation: Once the individual has been liberated and restored transformation becomes inevitable. The Liberated, The Delivered are free again to connect with their true essence, their Higher Power, The Holy Spirit, their true Source of Life. Through this Strengthening of the Spirit they can go beyond the limitations of their human, material form and to connect with the higher versions of themselves. My Vision is to create ways in which this Mandate might be fulfilled.

The Mission

The Divine Intercession Ministry has thus become the earthly embodiment of the process of fulfilling The Vision and The Mandate.

Divine Intercession will continue to develop as: A Place of Cleansing – where those who have been contaminated and defiled by evil can be made clean again.
A Place of Healing – where those who are broken can become whole again.
A Place of Blessing – where those who felt forsaken can once again know The Pure Love of the Holy Spirit, firm in their connection to Higher Power, forever protected from Spiritual Harm.

The Mission of Divine Intercession is to also teach – where those who were ignorant can find knowledge, where those who were in darkness are now enlightened, where those who thought God silent can truly engage in a dialog with The Holy Spirt through that most powerful medium – PRAYER.

And finally, for those who have found Freedom, Restoration and Transformation through the work of Divine Intercession, that the work continues through the sharing of what we have discovered together.

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