Lessons on Joy, Peace, and Meditation from Ptr. Joseph Wisdom Sesay

In our team’s pursuit to help people find freedom, joy, peace and healing, we recently launched our weekly online service on Seeking Spirituality. It is held every Thursday, 6PM - 7PM AEST with none other than our founder Pastor Joseph Wisdom Sesay as our speaker. 

We kicked off this month’s weekly online service by discussing a topic that is crucial especially with everything that’s been happening today: Finding Peace and Increasing Your Joy in a Restless World. If you’re wondering what you can get from these weekly services, read on for some of the valuable words of wisdom from our founder. 

Your spiritual health is essential

Much like your physical health, your spiritual health is very important for your well-being. Joy and peace are just two of the fruits of the spirit. When we are spiritually healthy, we may experience joy and peace that surpasses understanding. We become more compassionate and forgiving towards ourselves and others.

On the other hand, when we don’t take care of our spiritual health, we may feel like our lives are void of meaning and without purpose. Consequently, we may attract negative emotions such as worry, fear, extreme sadness, lack of confidence, and more. These negative emotions can keep peace and joy far away from us. 

Presence and stillness, a key to a healthier you

So now the question stands, how do we achieve peace, joy and overall a healthier spiritual health? Pastor Joseph Wisdom Sesay shared that meditation, particularly being present and stillness are the keys to achieving peace.

At some level, every person on this planet experiences worry, fear, depression, and anxiety. Even a Biblical figure like Elijah experienced extreme fear and sadness that he just wished for God to take his life (1 Kings 19:4). Having said that, we are not exempt from encountering those problems. The difference lies in how we manage these negative emotions. It’s all about surrendering, having faith, and the ancient practice of meditation.

Meditation is backed by Science

Meditation is an ancient practice that has been studied by years of research. And various studies found out that meditation and mindfulness are benefinificial when it comes to improving your thinking and decision making. Practicing meditation for 8 weeks can lead to positive changes in your brain, helping you become more self-reliant and compassionate. It also helps develop empathy and your learning capabilities.

The path to joy and peace is simple

“Life was given to us to celebrate with every breath that we take.” - Pastor Joseph Wisdom Sesay

The secret of being at peace and joyful is simpler than we think. Being with our loved ones can increase our vibration. Lighting a candle can make you feel at peace. Spending time in nature can increase your joy and calm your mind. The list could go on, but the most important thing is to be present.

Worry begins when you think of the past and future

The miracle of the present is profound. In the present, there is no fear and worry. Worry begins to come in when you begin to think about the past and the future. Think about that time you felt ashamed once again because of something you remembered from the past? Or about that time you felt extreme anxiety because of what might happen in the future? Questions raced in your mind like “is this pandemic ever going to end?” “Will I get to keep my job?” “What if I lose this and that?” These are just some illustrations of how thinking about the past and future can stir worry in your heart. 

Surrender the past and future

Knowing that, what should you do when you can’t help thinking about the past and the future? The answer is to surrender. Everytime you think of the past, let it go. Remember that it doesn't exist anymore. It's only an experience. And when you think about the future, have faith that everything will be okay and God has your future secured. These will stir up joy and peace into your life. The old is gone and better things are coming. Isn’t that amazing?

Practical steps to be present

Now, what do you do with the present? Find a time in your day to meditate and be present. The mind is given to us as a tool and not as a weapon. Use it to bring an increased joy and peace in your life. When you spend time with yourself, remember the following:

1)  Know that this moment is pure. It's the only moment that you have. You may have plans for tomorrow, but right now is actually the only moment you have.

2) Know that this moment is a sacred and holy moment. This space is a sacred, holy space. Close your eyes and just go deep inside you. Listen to the sound of music and recognise that you are in this space. Feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. Know that at this point, you are fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit. 

3) Know that you are alive. Feel your breath and the air going into your organs. Know that the air that you're breathing is a holy air because the Holy Spirit is in you. Feel this amazing experience and let every sensation in you, make you feel alive.

The path to joy and peace is continuous

Being present is something that we should practice daily. And most of the time, you’ll need someone along the way who will encourage and remind you to nourish your soul. Join us every Thursday via Zoom, 6PM - 7PM AEST for our weekly service. Register via meetup here or click going on our Facebook event page:

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