How Spirituality Helps Improve Your Mental Health

There are two extremes when people try to incorporate spirituality with mental health. Some try to brush off science and say “just pray then you will be well” or “you’re struggling because you have sinned.” On the other hand, some entirely forget spirituality when approaching mental health issues. However, numerous studies suggest that a holistic approach which includes spirituality can actually help with improving mental health. But before that, let’s define what spirituality is. 

How is spirituality different from religion?

Although the terms religion and spirituality are often used interchangeably, they are not quite similar. Spirituality is about believing in something or someone higher or bigger than ourselves. It is about going beyond your mental and physical dimensions to what is bigger than our physiology. Meanwhile, religion is based on the unified beliefs of a community. It may involve belonging to a church or a certain sect.

Now the question is, do you need to belong to a church to practise seeking spirituality? Well, the answer is: that would be good since belonging to a church can be a good support system. However, in order to receive the benefits of seeking spirituality, you do not have to be a member of a religious congregation, nor are you required to commit to a regular, ongoing program of spiritual education. Now that that’s out of the way, let us dig deeper into the benefits of seeking spirituality in relation to your mental health.

1) Helps find a sense of purpose and meaning

Those who are struggling may find themselves pessimistic or lacking purpose. This is where spirituality can help. Many people who believe in something bigger than themselves find purpose in serving God and/or in helping others.

2) Boosts self-esteem and self-control

When a person knows he/she is connected to someone higher than them, they feel loved and important which consequently helps boost their self-confidence. Knowing that someone is also looking after you helps with improving self-control.

3) Connects you to your surroundings or community

People with similar spiritual beliefs tend to connect and understand themselves better. They tend to be more forgiving towards each other and share their struggles with each other.

4) Encourages mindfulness

Spirituality encourages a person to reflect and meditate which are healthy practices to maintain a positive vibration and mental state. In turn, people who are seeking spirituality are also able to cultivate joy, gratefulness, and compassion. They also tend to be calmer and more at peace.

5) Helps reduce stress

Those who are seeking spirituality believe that not everything is in their control and someone higher than them is totally capable of turning their situation around. This helps them worry less and consequently reduce stress.

So what now?

When seeking spirituality, people don’t always know where to turn. Traditional scripture and approaches have their place, but don’t always fit all the needs of people living in the modern world. Although highly encouraged, it is not always possible to attend church in person in this day and age to receive God’s blessing. But you don’t have to worry because Divine Intercession understands that God is everywhere and you can receive God’s blessings anytime wherever you may be.

If you’re interested in reaping the wonderful benefits of seeking spirituality, don’t hesitate to contact us. Divine Intercession is here to help you in your journey with Seeking Spirituality. We have developed guided meditations, weekly prayer and materials about learning spirituality, connection to positive energy, strengthening your spirit and more.

Aside from strengthening your spirit, our Seeking Spirituality Services also offer the following benefits:

  • Learn more about salvation
  • Connect to loved ones
  • Be a better person
  • Become resistant to negative energy
  • Amplified love, peace and joy in your life