The following words have specific meanings in the context of our understanding of the phenomenon of Spiritual Affliction.

  • Confrontation – The exchanges between Intercessors and demonic spiritual entities.
  • Confusion – a typical “symptom” of Spiritual Affliction, where The Afflicted can no longer tell what is “real” and what isn’t.
  • Intercession – the act in which The Holy Spirit effects a treatment of Spiritual Affliction through an Intercessor, an Afflicted Person, or both.
  • Intervention – the process of attempting to cure Spiritual Affliction through the expulsion of demonic entities or energies from the places where they have “taken residence”.
  • Manifestation– a change in the physical world brought about by the machinations of demonic entities or energies.
  • Paranormal Activity – extreme forms of ongoing Manifestation, which defy what is currently understood as possible by science.
  • Paranormal Phenomenon – isolated cases or instances of Paranormal Activity.
  • Possession – the extremely rare case where an Afflicted Person is so worn down by Torment that they allow a demonic entity full access and control over their mind and body. In even rarer cases the Afflicted has purposely invited the demonic entity and fully consents to its control.
  • Spiritual Contamination – a chronic condition of disruption caused by the presence of demonic entities and their attachment to objects, places or living beings.
  • Spiritual Disturbance – imbalances to the peace of mind, heart or body brought about negative effects on the lives of human beings brought about by the activity of demonic forces or entities.
  • Spiritual Invasion – aggressive Spiritual Disturbance that overwhelms The Afflicted.
  • Spiritual Perversion – deliberate changes to the understanding of spirituality in order to create confusion.
  • Torment – mental, emotional, physical or spiritual pain caused by demonic forces.

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