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Q: Is Deliverance Painful?

A: Although the Intervention and Deliverance process is extremely painful to the demonic entities, in all the many thousands of instances of Intervention not one of The Afflicted have ever reported pain.

However, in severe cases there are reports of discomfort, such as persistent coughing or dry retching. For some the process is very gentle, but for others the process can be very physical and can be very tiring. In extreme cases there should be a delay between Interventions, to allow The Afflicted to recover.

Q: What do you see from The Divine for me?
Q: I’ve received bad spiritual advice before. What can you do about it?
Q: Why am I experiencing Spiritual Affliction?
Q: In pop culture, they always show intercessors using Holy Water or Holy Oil or waving around crosses or crucifixes during your interventions. You don’t do that. Why is that?

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