Testimonial : Deliverance

Growing up, I experienced nightmares, strange feelings, unreasonable frustration, depression and spiritual attacks. In my dreams, I saw people chasing me and I sometimes woke up with physical marks on my body.  Initially I thought events like these were normal but as I became more aware, things got worse. I started hearing voices and at one point I attempted suicide. This further led to drug taking and excessive alcohol consumption. I became very angry, I was full of hatred and I became violent, abusive, aggressive, bitter, and judgmental and took offense easily. I was angry with my parents, with authority and I resented God. I gave up on myself. I became transformed when I met with Pastor Sesay. I was fortunate to go through his counseling and deliverance process, and my life since has completely changed. My joy has been restored, the spiritual attacks have ended and my children have their mother back. I give the Holy Spirit praise for my freedom, restoration and transformation.

Thanks to Divine Intercession!